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    Naga by Lorg Anfaid

    Naga is a conceptual work, and is the first installment in the a two part epic musical tale by Lorg Anfaid. Recorded almost entirely using non-traditional instruments (at least for us westerners), Naga is a textural exploration into a misty, frigid world. 

    New Release

    Compost: The Infinity of Maggot Consciousness by Hider

    An experimental, ambient work by Hider. The bandmates in this album are the multitude of maggots and flies that live in Hider's compost bin. Put it on and allow it to decompose your preconceptions. 

    It's a decomposition composition

    Take these moments to appreciate the priceless services provided by all the world's creatures who are chill enough to be perfectly happy eating our nasty trash

    In the studio:

    False Flower

    The project of summer 2018. Expect some creamy electro-shred and sonic honey from the mouth of the sidereal maiden. 


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